Vancouver Island Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver for Agriculture

Colloidal silver has been used as a method to control plant pathogens in agriculture for decades. Colloidal silver kills bacteria, viruses and other issues that compromise plants. Soaking seeds in colloidal silver before planting increases germination and virtually eliminates mold growth in seedlings. Colloidal silver implemented into your cutting (cloning) routine is vital to maintain sterility. Colloidal silver will help maintain plant vitality and prevent disease in all stages of growth! In addition, small amounts of colloidal silver diluted with pure water can be sprayed on soil. The plant will absorb the microscopic silver particles and become more resistant to soil-based pathogens. Treating soil around younger plant roots allows them to grow more vigorously.


Science and history have proven Colloidal Silver to be a superb natural anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,antimicrobial and germicidal agent. This is a revelation for growers in the agriculture, horticulture or nursery business etc., indoor or out.


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